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Expanding into mobile

The new IT paradigma is "mobile first", so I will prepare my skills. Since SWMBO runs on iOS, I'm looking at the other side:
Archos 10.1
Now I need a decent software set for the following:
  • Twitter Client
  • RSS Reader
  • Blog Writer supporting MetaWeblog API for Blogsphere
  • Note taking
  • Video chat client
  • VoIP client (besides Skype)
  • Book reader : Aldiko
  • Remote Access : VNC / ConnectBot
  • eMail : gMail & Lotus Traveler
What else would I need?

Posted by on 11 January 2011 | Comments (3) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Mark Hughes on Tuesday 11 January 2011 AD:
    How about a Remote Desktop Terminal? Remote control servers, vnc for Linux maybe a ssh terminal
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Tuesday 11 January 2011 AD:
    @Mark: Yep, that's the strike out stuff, which is supposed to express: "question answered, tool mentioned". ConnectBot does ssh and VNC is VNC
    Emoticon biggrin.gif stw
  3. posted by Chris R on Thursday 13 January 2011 AD:
    Try evernote, dropbox, twitter for android, and tweetdeck. It will be interesting to see how these scale up to the larger screen.