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Custom Controls in XPages

Well designed Custom Controls (we just got 64 new ones) and a set of good libraries can accelerate XPages development tremendously. Of course preparation takes time and it takes some enlightenment to be ready to invest the time to get them right. As a quote from the London Developer Co-op states: " Dirty still remains when Quick is long gone". Some of my insights into custom controls (from various stages of interacting with them):
  • Custom Controls are like subforms
  • Custom Controls have parameters
  • Custom Controls allow a higher level of abstraction
  • There are better ways than currentDocument for Data
  • There can only be ONE: Custom Controls and HTML ID
  • Parameters cut both ways
  • Knowing Dojo helps
  • JavaScript is interpreted - changable at runtime
  • Writing code that writes code is like Inception
  • The JSF and HTML life cyle is important
  • Sharing custom controls is easy
  • Custom Controls are fun!
What makes a custom control
This is the summary of my AusLUG presentation.
Update: The session is concluded, I posted the slide show on prezi and below enjoy:

Posted by on 29 August 2011 | Comments (3) | categories: XPages


  1. posted by Lars Berntrop-Bos on Monday 29 August 2011 AD:
    Would you please share the presentation?
  2. posted by Patrick Kwinten on Tuesday 30 August 2011 AD:
    thanks for the office wallpaper (will print it in A1 format)

    what about best practices in building cc's?
  3. posted by Brendan Long on Monday 05 September 2011 AD:
    Thanks for the presentation at AusLUG Stephan - really enjoyed this one and will hopefully remember a few of your tips when I'm coding my own custom controls in the coming months.

    Aside from the presentation content itself, I was really impressed with the prezi tool - a really cool way to do a presentation!