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Commuting experiment

I live in the north of Singapore, the IBM office is in the east. Getting there either takes time or costs quite some money.
  Bus/MRT via Airport
(to office)
(from office)
(to office)
  1. Walk to the bus stop: 2 min
  2. Wait for the bus: 7min (could be anything from 0-15)
  3. Take SBS 858 to Changi Airport T3: 32min
  4. Walk to Airport SMRT station: 2min
  5. Wait for the MRT to depart: 10min (can be 0-15 min)
  6. One stop to EXPO: 5min
  7. Walk to the office: 5min
  1. Walk to MRT: 5min
  2. Wait for MRT: 2min (could be anything from 0-15)
  3. MRT to Tanah Merah interchange: 5min (it had to wait a little)
  4. Wait for EW line: 3min (could be anything from 0-10)
  5. Ride on EW line to Paya Lebar 9min
  6. Walk to Circle line: 3min (less if not crowded)
  7. Wait for MRT: 1min (could be anything from 0-10)
  8. Ride on Circle line to Bishan: 14min
  9. Walk to NE line: 2min
  10. Wait for MRT: 3min (could be anything from 0-10)
  11. Ride on NS line to Khatib: 12min
  12. Walk home: 5min
  1. Call a cab: 5min (anything from 2-45)
  2. Ride to office: 24min
Total duration 63 min (46-86) 64 min (55-100) 24 min (excluding call time)
Cost S$ 2.72 S$ 1.86 S$ 19.00
Remarks Bus was not too full, got a seat. Catch up on Social reading. Standing all the way During rush hours 25% extra!

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  1. posted by Ray on Friday 01 March 2013 AD:
    How about:

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  2. posted by Darren on Monday 18 March 2013 AD:

    From the table, i can see the most savings is going home from work...and since it is going home, we sure don't mind standing all the way..lol