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Evolution of the Self

We all are are somebody, some body more than others, but at least we want to be somebody. Interestingly build into us it the opposite wish: disappear, be nobody. We are masters to disguise that wish: 3 hours in the movies, when it sucked you in, where were you? Working on something exiting, getting into the flow , where where you? Your self disappeared! But it doesn't stop there
Evolution of the self
There is a third level of self: the Everybody self. The Rotarians would call it Service above self. Lama Marut calls it the Everybody self. When you, deep in meditation, break down the barriers of Maya you will realise, we are all stardust, children of the sun, all one, all the same. When you enter this mindset there is no difference between you and everyone else. Service to others becomes service to oneself, you become egoistically striving from everybody's happiness since you are everybody. Musing over this though with an unprepared mind is like staring at the sun when leaving a long tunnel. So head over to the geeks and prepare yourself and lobby to get the next generation prepared too.

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