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MongoDB to switch to IBM storage backend

One of the rising stars in NoSQL land is MongoDB. It is prominently featured in IBM BlueMix and in conjunction with Node.js the darling of the startup scene.
However it isn't trouble free, has been called broken by design, bad for data and a folly.
In a bold move to silence all critiques, the makers turned to IBM to get access to a distributed, robust and secure backend storage engine: the venerable NSF. As Bryce Nyeggen clearly stated:" But actually, that’s the Tao-like genius of MongoDB – having absolutely nothing new ", this move fits nicely into the all over strategy. On top of that thousands of XPages developers get instant access to MongoDB's APIs and coolness. Clearly an industry wide win-win!

Posted by on 01 April 2014 | Comments (2) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Russell Maher on Tuesday 01 April 2014 AD:
    OK. You had me for a while there.
  2. posted by Michael Bourak on Wednesday 02 April 2014 AD:
    Got me too...hopes raised...and fall down ;p