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Bikepad SmartPhone mount review

This is my field impression of the Bikepad SmartPhone mount having used it for a few weeks on my Montague Paratrooper pro

TL:TRThe Bikepad is a highly functional accessory to keep your phone on your bike fully functional. Is has quality craftsmanship and a sleek design. If I had an editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award to give (I actually paid for it), I would award it.

I do cycle for longer durations and some rough spots, so I like to keep a phone in reach. Not at last to keep SWMBO updated. When I learned about Bikepad and their claim " Basically the Bikepad creates a vacuum between its surface and the device. The vacuum is strong enough to hold the device" I had to give it a try. Here's the verdict:
  • The Good
    Works as designed. The surface indeed creates a gecko feet like suction that firmly holds the phone in place. You actually need some force to pull it our. The aluminium base is sleek and solidly build. I like the minimal design: everything is there for it to function and nothing more, form follows function at its best. The half pipe shaped aluminium connector can be easily fixed on a stem (I didn't try handlebar mount) and secured with a Velcro. It comes with a foam pipe segment to adjust to different pipe diameters.
    I tried to shake the phone off in off-road or city conditions, including falling off the bike and hitting the ground (that part unplanned), but it stayed nice in place.
  • The Bad
    Works as designed. For the vacuum to build a close contact between phone and surface is needed. For your iShiny® (that was my main test unit) or a Nexus 4 (the other phone) that isn't a problem. For anything that doesn't have a flat surface or buttons on the back, you need to test it. Also the various phone cases need to be checked carefully. I tested a Otterbox case, which has a ridge running around the back. This prevents the case body from contact with the pad. Only the ridge has contact, which provides not enough suction
  • and The Ugly
    When it rains it pours. If the pad gets wet, it gets slippery and looses its suction. When the phone already sticks on it and it is rained on, it gradually will loose the grip. Luckily the pad comes with a little shower cap rain cover. With the cover it looks a little funny, not as cool anymore - but it does the job. Anyway you wouldn't want to expose your iShiny® to the bare elements. Another little challenge: my stem is quite thick, so the provided foam pipe is too think to squeeze between stem and half pipe. I was left with a little cutting exercise or alternative means. I opted for Sugru that holds everything in place
To see more, check out some of their videos. In summary: a keeper.

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