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@Formula on JSON

When you look at "modern" programming styles, you will find novel concepts like isomorphic (runs on client or server), Idempotency (same call, same result), Immutable (functions never mess with the parameters or global state) or map operations (working on a set of data without looping).

I put "modern" deliberately in quotes, since these ideas have been around since Lisp (or for the younger of you: since you sorted all blocks by colour and size in kindergarden). In the Lotus world we got our share of this with the venerable @Formula language (the functions, not the commands), IBM Notes inherited from Lotus 1-2-3. While it has served us well, so far it has been confined to the realm of the NSF.

Not any more! Thanks to Connections Pink and the ever ingenious Maureen Leland, @Formula will come to a JSON structure near you soon. As far as I understood the plan: each @Function will serve as an endpoint to a (serverless) microservice that executes on values provided, returning a new value object that can be chained to the next call stream style. I'm very excited about this new development. Watch out for news about Connections Livegrid™.

Time for Maureen to undust her blog!

Posted by on 01 April 2017 | Comments (1) | categories: IBM Notes


  1. posted by Maureen Leland on Monday 03 April 2017 AD:

    thanks, Stephan :-) You're right - it is time to dust off the blog again. And the LiveGrid project will certainly produce lots of material for it. I just have to pull myself away from coding long enough to write something ;-)