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Beyond Java 8: The Cool Stuff

Java is evolving rapidly. Henri Tremblay is walking through the cool stuff. Henri is, besides other activities a contributor to EasyMock

From Java 7 (2011) to Java 19 (2022)

Unless stated otherwise Java 17 (2021) LTS will work for the examples. Henri used a trading app to walk through upgrading steps.

Impressive: just moving from Java 8 to Java 19 shows double digit performance improvements

Some of the tips:

  • use the java.time.Clock object for anything date/time, Don't use Date. Inject the clock object.
  • use Comparators
  • use Files.lines to read by line
  • use the Maven deamon to speed compilation
  • Be careful with stream().findAny() - in most cases a Map performs way better
  • Use """ text blocks (why o why did Java not pick the tripple backtick)
  • Use Files.writeString if it is a String you write
  • Use jlink and jpackage for distribution
  • Use switch expressions which returns values (not convinced about that yet)
  • Use Records for immutable data
  • Use the new instanceof syntax
  • Use the new RandomGenerator for better performance
  • Sealed types allow tighter controls

A quite enjoyable session

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