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TipToe in TypeScript

TypeScript is all the rage in JavaScript land and I'm enjoying the ride so far. I shall refrain from debating TypeScript vs. JavaScript or geeting started activities. This article's focus getting a TypeScript (server side) project going in VSCode. It reflects what worked for me with my limited knowledge.

Who's at the party?

On a first look it seems, one just needs tsc and all is good. However there are more moving parts involved, lets have a look:

TypeScript project

VSCode plugins, style and build automation shall be subject to a future post, lets focus on the TypeScript parts here. Let's get started with sample ExpressJS project. My test framework of choice shall be MochaJS with the Chai assertion library.

# Setting up an Express TypeScript project
mkdir ts-demo
cd ts-demo
curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/github/gitignore/main/Node.gitignore -o .gitignore
git init -q
npm init -y
npm install --save express
npm install --save-dev @types/express @types/node
npm install --save-dev chai chai-as-promised mocha ts-node ts-node-dev typescript
npm install --save-dev @types/chai @types/chai-as-promised @types/mocha
mkdir src
mkdir test

We see, development has more dependencies than runtime. Note all the @types packages are only needed in development, so the are added to the devDependencies only.

TypeScript adjustments

We initialize TypeScript using npx tsc --init. It will write out a complete tsconfig.json file with most options commented out. This can be quite intimidating. So we condense it down:


Parameter Value Why
target ES2020 take advantage of modern code
module NodeNext target current node standards
moduleResolution nodenext target current node standards
resolveJsonModule true handy for config files
sourceMap true needed for debugging
outDir ./dist keep ts source and generated js apart
esModuleInterop true allow integration of es modules
forceConsistentCasingInFileNames true code style
strict true avoid errors
strictNullChecks true can be annoying, but better then npe
noUnusedLocals true code cleaniness
noImplicitReturns true code style
skipLibCheck true diligence while picking a lib

Update the package.json

There are more settings to look into like auther, version control etc, so make youeself familiar. We will update main and scripts:


For the "auxiliary dot files" check this gist, you might have different opinions.

Configuring VSCode for Mocha

There are three files of interest in the .vscode folder:

  • settings.json : amend or overwrite global VSCode settings
  • launch.json : start & debug settingd
  • tasks.json : define VSCode tasks (to be convered in a future post)

The settings.json will make the test runner aware of TypeScript


Configuring VSCode to debug Typescript

Launch configurations (note the plural) are a powerful way to configure your debugging experience. You can specify many aspects of the application start include environment, start directory, pre-launch tasks etc. I found running out of the dist directory to be closer to an actual run (in a container), so this worked for me:


VSCode suggested most of the values, I only added cwd to it and the second run to take advantage of the dev script in the package.json

All the files can be found here, as usual:


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