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Fun with Azure Active Directory & JWT

Active Directory has been the dominant standard for IT directories, even if it isn't the prettiest tree in the forrest. It's younger sibling ~~Azure Active Directory~~ Entra ID is a big player in cloud based Identity Providers (IdP). Unsurprisingly it behaves differently than the gold standard KeyCloak

JWT expectations

A Json Web Token (JWT) payload is a very losely definded JSON object with various claims. There is only a minimal consent of properties":

  "iss": "https://where-it-came-from",
  "audience": "https://where-it-should-be-valid",
  "iat": "DATE/TIME -> issued at",
  "exp": "DATE/TIME -> expiry",
  "scope": "space separated list of scopes",
  "email": "user's email"

The whole thing is (un)defined in RFC7519, sufficiently loose, so anyone can claim to be standard compliant and nothing is interoperable (just like ical). There is a list of known claims, but RFC7519 states: "None of the claims
defined below are intended to be mandatory to use or implement in all
cases, but rather they provide a starting point for a set of useful,
interoperable claims.

To ease validation of signatures, one can use an URL .../.well-known/openid-configuration which provides a number of needed properties:

  • various endpoint URLs for authentication and token exchange
  • issuer: The value corresponding to the iss property in a JWT
  • jwks_uri: URL to read the public key to validate signatures
  • scopes_supported: what scopes does the API support

Azure - same but different

When you setup Domino for JWT you need a series of specific conditions. The interesting parts from the documentation:

  • One of the JWT's "aud" (audience) claims must match the Domino Internet Site's host name
  • JWTs must contain a "iss" (issuer) claim matching the "issuer" returned from the OIDC provider's .well-known/openid-configuration endpoint
  • JWTs must contain a "scope" claim that includes "Domino.user.all"

When you follow KEEP's how to configure Azure AD you will find a set of pain points, in no specific order:

  • You can't remove claims you don't need
  • Azure AD will not issue a scope claim, but an scp claim
  • The aud claim is fixed to the "Application ID URI"
  • The iss claim in a token does not match the issuer property from well-known/openid-configuration
  • The jwks_uri URL does not return an alg property for the algorythm (nor did I find any way to request an Elliptic-curve signer)

So there's tons of fun to be had with Azure ~~Active Directory~~ Entra ID

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