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Presenting on eLearning

Today I will present our new project ePlato EduWare System to Microsoft and their business partners.
eLearning is all en vogue in Singapore right now. However your mileage there does vary quite a bit. So my opening slide is this:

A fish stinks from the head

Posted by on 16 June 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Markus Thielmann on Thursday 01 July 2004 AD:
    I wish I had such a powerful, "mindchanging" story, too. Emoticon wink.gif I do a few talks on different topics about every two months, but I always struggle with a good (or better: informal) introduction about the importance of changing the common way we do our work.

    Unfortunatly, I don't have a traditional cuisine in my family Emoticon wink.gif

    Best wishes for ePlato. I hope you will offer a localised version in the future. Besides my studies, I work for the Berlin/Brandenburg branch of REFA (time and motion studies, education, etc.pp.) and I'm always looking for a nice tool, which convinces our executives of the importance of e- or blended-learning. I only know "learnlink" (?) so far, but it doesn't roughly fit our needs.

    Kind regards,