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Free WIFI Singapore style.

This week the ComunicAsia exhibition takes place in Singapore. The exhibitors proudly announced, that they provide free WIFI access during the exhibition. All local ISP support the exercise, so I powered on my laptop and looked at the available networks. Then I learned it is "free as in beer" but not "free as in speech". The login page prompted me with user name/password and the remark that I could use my ISP's or IPASS credentials.
So happily I provided them only to be prompted, that I supplied wrong credentials. Since I'm in the trade I know what credentials are, otherwise I would feel confused. The message should have been: "Sorry I can't process your user name/password, this is what might have happened and this are your support options..."
So I went to the support desk to learn: a) The WIFI hub has hiccups due to high demand and that you need to supply a business card to be issued an user name/password. The ISP support the show, but don't provide live authentication. Fishing for customer data I would say.

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