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Protect our children from this protection!

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Children are now so important to this county, they're getting the red carpet treatment. Last week, it was announced that roads leading to schools are being paved red, so drivers will know to keep an eagle eye out for crossing cows, snails, kangaroos, turtles, kids and other endangered species.
Clearly, children - in the words of the DHL Megacor "you don't have to" TV commercial - don't have to learn the proper procedure for crossing roads. No more "look right, left and right again". Just cross. It's the drivers who have to learn to stop for the kids.
This is not an isolated incident. It is but the latest innovation in the nationwide urge to protect kids from everything. Just the other week, we were told it is illegal to discipline kids using "harsh, humiliating, belittling or degrading responses of any kind, the deprivation of meals, isolation and the restriction of movement."
The proper way to discipline a recalcitrant child is with dignity and firmness, clearly explaining why his or her action is wrong. This is the way to do it:

Teacher: Can you please be quite?
Student: [ignores teacher]
Teacher: You! Yes, you with the big mouth! Stop talking!
Student: You can't talk like that to me. I can report you.
Teacher: I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Can you please keep quiet, pretty please?
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because I asked you nicely.
Student: That's not a good enough reason.
Teacher: Because then I can teach you important things.
Student: They're not important to me. Try again.
Teacher: Because Confucius said you must obey your teachers.
Student: Con who? That's it - you've used up your three lives, dude.
Teacher: Yes, I understand. I'll try harder next time. I apologize for interrupting you.

What next? Guaranteed degrees, secure jobs and eternal youth?

via IS Magazine Singapore.

While this story is fun to read it also provides a flashlight how people see education here. My personal believe is: You have to make children responsible for their actions to the extend they can cope with this responsibility. This includes to be very clear and consistent about how, why and where you set the limits and how to enforce them. As The Oracle would say: "It's all about choices and consequences".  

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