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Chinese insight in the I

I'm studying Chinese writing for a while. Not very successful but steady. Since I'm bad at memorising things, I need reason, structure and the story where things come from.
When looking at the Chinese character for "I" (wo) I was puzzled: The character is composed out of two ancient weapons (they look a bit like Klingon swords) clashing onto each other.
The Chinese codified (or would I better say painted) thousands of years ago what is one of the deep insights in personality.
There can't be a "I" without a "You".
Only the dialog or conflict with someone perceived outside of us created our own awareness of the "I". If there is no interaction, there won't be an "I". So our communication shapes our personality more profound than we commonly perceive.
Happy talking!

Posted by on 05 August 2004 | Comments (0) | categories: Writing Chinese


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