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Not your Mom's Yahoo anymore... what CSS can do.

Yahoo is moving to a version of their portal. This is an important step in promoting web standards. I showed the beta page to a number of clients with CSS switched off to teach them about structure and to get all the aahhh and oohh, once it is switched back on:

What a difference the separation of concerns (structure vs. design) can make! The beta site is widely discussed in the web designer community (
1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3) ( 4 ) ( 5 ), so expect more to come.

Posted by on 05 October 2004 | Comments (1) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Moritz Schroeder on Monday 18 October 2004 AD:
    Great post and links. While adapting my blogsphere site over the last weeks, I have been discovering the CSS world and I am still learning. I have read your old post on OpenNTF.org regarding the blogsphere CSS integration, and though the guys have been doing a great job so far, I would like to help them improving the CSS and the template stylesheets.