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Buying Broadband - Part 4

A classical drama has five acts. Since we arrived at instalment , I have hope that the climax of act 3 will end in act's 5 katharsis and a new broadband connection at home. In act 3 I was told, that broadband might not work all the times, but not if it would work at all. Since I did write a rather angry reply I got a nice formal "You are so important to us" message and still no answer to my question:

Dear Mr Wissel

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to let us know your
feedback and observations/suggestions.

You are whom we ultimately serve and therefore the best source of
feedback, please be informed that feedbacks from valued customers such
as yourself are treated as material for our continuous process of
providing better service.

As an Internet Service Provider, we strive to provide reliable,
affordable and consistent services to all our valued customers. Please
be assured that we are constantly revamping our services to stay

Should you have any further clarifications with regards to the
connection, please feel free to call our Technical Helpdesk at [pathetic helpline] for their better assistance.

We hope we have addressed your concerns. For further clarifications,
please reply to this email or you may visit our webpage at
one with the password] to send
us an online feedback form.

We look forward to serving you.

So how? Since other are on a similar quest, I decided to continue:

Hi there,

Thanks a lot  for your kind reply.
So let us start over:

How can I find out, that a ADSL Modem plugged into the phone socket in my flat (in the store room to be precise) will connect using your ADSL at 3.5 MBit?

We found out so far:
- Singtel would like to sell me that service
- I would like to buy it
- It might not work all the time
- Advertisement and Terms of use do not match
- Technical question online can only be asked by your EXISTING subscribers

Still the question stays open: Can it work at my specific location? Your current promotion requires me to subscribe for 20 month and I want to have this very basic question answered.

What is the procedure? Do I have to pay a fee or is it included in the installation work?

Best regards


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