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I want a better browser for my Tungsten

I'm quite happy with my Tungsten T3. I sync to Notes using Pylon Pro and run some custom Notes databases. I use Agendus as a beefed up contact and appointment manager and Verichat for instant messaging. I develop applications with Simplicity and the J2ME Plug-in for Eclipse. I even started fancy stuff using thinlets (you might need to go to the Yahoo group to get the midlet version). I even did some XML over HTTP stuff using kXML.
My only grievance is the browser. It is OK to see some basic stuff, but I can only jealously peek at Nokia phones, Psion organizers etc. who use Opera. If you share that grievance, head over to Petition Spot and sign the petition " Opera for Palm OS".

Posted by on 06 April 2005 | Comments (0) | categories: Software


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