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  1. posted by Uwe Bartl on Thursday 22 September 2005 AD:
    Yes, the German election is through...
    ...but politicians are left in confusion, and "das ist gut so!". Emoticon cool.gif
    Most foreign countries think, that Angela Merkel (that's the "black" part of the flag) would be the best choice. But many Germans have a different opinion. Americans and Brittains will not like this: but many Germans are proud of the (somewhat) brave decision of our chancellor Gerhard Schröder not to join America into war against Iraq. Maybe this was the only wise or the wisest decision of our chancellor in his whole political career, but we gratitude this decision very much...
    If Angela was at his position, Germany probably would have followed the "coalition of the (seemingly) Clever"...
    ...resulting in a couple of "body bags" every month and a mayor terrorist attack every year...
    By the way: why fight and die for cheap oil to america?
    Another by the way: Angela is not so well liked, as it might seem and i don't think, she will politically survive the building of a future coalition.

    While the "yellow" part of the flag (FDP - an industry friendly party) is mostly attached to the "black" part, i am in doubt if the "green" part (Die Grünen - i voted for them) can stretch their political believes so wide, that the "jamaican coalition" is possible.

    But, let's see, what the people of Dresden vote at October 2nd (a local candidate died there, so the election in this city had to be delayed).

    Greetings, Uwe