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When Firefox and Notes become one

I've upgraded to R7 with Beta2. While 7.0 is a so called "server release" I realized the client improvements make the update worthwhile. I'm fond of the background indexing of views and the "Save window state on exit" function. The saved window state allows me to stop wherever I am when it is time to shut down (ask Anthony and Ernest about it ). I've abandoned IE for web browsing long ago and configured Firefox to launch when URLs a clicked in Notes. I would appreciate if IBM would simply use the Mozilla rendering, so the experience would be more seamless, but for the time being that's fair enough.
Both Notes and Firefox sport a similar tabbed interface, which are similar enough, so the differences get annoying. In Firefox the close button for the current window is at the end of the row, in Notes at the end of each tab. Notes saves the window state, Firefox doesn't. So me not happy (Singlish is so wonderful short ).
Enter Firefox extensions. With a little research (click on "get more extensions", click on tabbed browsing go to the last page), I found two little gems to make Firefox behave properly:
  • SessionSaver: does what it advertises
  • Tab X: puts the close button where it belongs

Now my Notes client and my browser behave similar in their tabs and I'm "happy already".

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