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Heart(disk) transplant*

My laptop hard disk was running out of space and also starting making funny noises. So it was time for a new one. First I though to reinstall everything from scratch. This would take some days time (actually hours squeezed into spare time over a few days) which I can't afford right now. So I started to look for an easy way out. I found TruImage from Acronis. It allowed me to clone my hard disk partition to the new drive that I had attached temporarily through USB. It also allowed to resize the partition in that process. Since my laptop has only USB1 copying the partition took a few hours (unattended). At the end TruImage shut down the PC, I flipped hard disks and now I'm a happy camper. Acronis provides a 14 day trial, so for a one off exercise it is free. TruImage does backup too, so I consider buying it.

* The pun does only work when spoken, not written.

Posted by on 04 October 2005 | Comments (2) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Erik Bruchez on Tuesday 04 October 2005 AD:
    I use TrueImage for backups, and I am so far happy with it. The backup functionality lacks configurability (it will backup an entire partition, period), but in the end it's not so bad of an idea as it makes backups really straightforward.
  2. posted by Aaron Seet (icelava) on Thursday 06 October 2005 AD:
    Acronis TrueImage totally rocks. I bought it immediately after trying it out upon recommendation from my friend.

    The only big annoyance with v8.0 is the inability to specific exceptions to prevent a particular backup schedule from running. e.g. 1st day of the month perform Full backup, rest of the month (daily) do so Incrementally except for day 1 - that cannot be done.

    v9.0 is out but i haven't upgraded to find out if it includes this functionality now.