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NSF to PST converter

In the last 5 month I got about 1000 search referrer hits with the search topic. My short answer to that question would be: Don't do it! However as the Buddha says: "You pick the level of your suffering yourself", there is a long answer too. I can understand, that people don't know where Hannover is or can/want to wait for it. Instead of "pouring out the baby with the bath", one can stick with Domino backends and use the Outlook connector for Domino to have it both ways: Outlook on the front end and Domino as reliable, cost effective and scalable infrastructure behind. Both IBM/Lotus and Microsoft offer a flavour of it.
But if you have to go:  There are a number of 3rd party vendors who offer migration products and services: are some examples. Microsoft also provides tools and advice.
My personal take: Stick with Domino. Just try to get that old email backup (was it a pst?) from your Outlook/95 backup opened in Outlook 2003 or use the build in fulltext search in the Outlook client. Use the connector provided by IBM if you must have Outlook.... or wait for Hannover. upgrade to Notes 8 (You also can enjoy yourself with R7 and the OpenNTF eMail template until then).

If you want to change something for the sake of changing why not implement " Getting Things Done with Lotus Notes"?

It cuts both ways. If you came to your senses and want to move Microsoft stuff to Notes (stuff as in Outlook, Office and Sharepoint) you have plenty of help too:

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  1. posted by nithin on Friday 24 March 2006 AD:
    Is there a way in which I can insert a set of messages which are in Domino XML format into an existing PST file with out invoking the Outlook mail client(without using the outlook application)
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Saturday 25 March 2006 AD:
    No. DXL is XML and Outlook is -- not documented? At least the documentation says use the Outlook APIs, don't tamper with the PSD files. If you have to you could recreate the Domino document from the DominoDXL and use a migration tool.
    As stated before: you pick the level of your suffering yourself!
    Emoticon smile.gif stw
  3. posted by Mical jack on Tuesday 04 March 2008 AD:
    You Can use Recover Data for NSF tool to get back your nsf emails easily from { Link }
  4. posted by marryuk on Thursday 20 October 2011 AD:
    Outlook to Lotus Notes provides vast features in its component like contacts. However, when you convert PST to NSF file with Outlook to Notes software, software transfers not only contacts but other components too with least modifications in data.
  5. posted by Kelly Marker on Wednesday 16 November 2011 AD:
    Stellar Phoenix NSF to PST Converter is one of the most impressive and effective tool I have found for the conversion of emails and other data of Lotus Notes into .PST file. The software is very easy to use and supports all version of Lotus notes. Apart from NSF to PST conversion the tool also provides the option to save the items as .eml and .msg. For detail features, please visit:{ Link }
  6. posted by Mary Wilson on Thursday 26 April 2012 AD:
    Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook is a competent tool that gives the professional approach of migrating all emails, attachments and other folders of Lotus Notes to Outlook. With easy to use interface and user friendly features, this tool performs complete NSF to PST conversion without missing or altering any data.
  7. posted by Salina on Wednesday 12 December 2012 AD:
    SysTools Export Notes is a superb tool that has bunches of handy features. It converts lotus nsf file to pst file with all details such as: sent date, received date, time, to, cc, bcc filed name, attachments etc in original format. Tool is best among other tools due to support of encrypted nsf migration.

    { Link }
  8. posted by Eileen McKanzi on Friday 01 February 2013 AD:
    In this blog publisher pointing several tools to convert NSF to PST but which one is best for users, To find out this you can refer my article where I provide some necessary guideline to pick suitable software for NSF to PST task. Have a look on article- { Link }

  9. posted by Simoran Thomas on Monday 04 February 2013 AD:
    “We decided to change email platform from <a href="{ Link }
    ">Lotus Notes to Outlook</a> due to many reasons and the software Export Notes helped us a lot in handling the issue of data conversion. We expected loss of data in terms of data converted via third party software, but it not at all happened, as we were using one of the world’s finest solutions in the name Export Notes.” Emoticon shocked.gif