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Lesson from the SPAM front: When you report SPAM, it will be filtered by the SPAM filter!

Got a SPAM message from a Hotmail account with the usual "lost-fortune" story. This time the claimed source was closer to home: "The Malaysian Central Bank". Knowing there is no such thing (it's the "National Bank"), I forwarded the message to abuse@hotmail.com.
I got the usual automated reply:

"This is an auto-generated response designed to let you know that our system received your support inquiry and a Support Representative will review your question and respond to you soon. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond directly to this message.
Thank you for contacting MSN Hotmail Support.
Remember that MSN Hotmail also has comprehensive online help available--just click "Help" in the upper right corner."

to be immediately followed by the rejection of my message:

Delivery Failure Report  
Your document:   Spam in name of the Malaysian central bank  
was not delivered to:   abuse@css.one.microsoft.com  
because:   550 5.7.1 <Your e-mail was rejected by an anti-spam content filter on gateway ( for rejection may be: obscene language, graphics, or spam-like characteristics. Removing these may let the e-mail through the filter.>

Hurray! Reporting SPAM doesn't work for Hotmail anymore. This will look good on Hotmail's SPAM statistics: SPAM has gone away in Hotmail since none gets reported from outside anymore.

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  1. posted by Chris Linfoot on Wednesday 12 October 2005 AD:
    Old news.

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