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Domino 6.5.4 and Websphere 6.01 on Windows

A client of mine wants to run DominoDAV. So they decided to take advantage of their Websphere entitlement for Domino. Since the entitlement doesn't state a version we decided to give Websphere 6 a shot. Having struggled with Domino Websphere integration before (Portal 4 is a beast) I told the best of my wifes I won't be back for dinner. Actually I wasn't. I was in time to pick up the kids from Kindergarten (which closes as 5:30pm). Installation runs like a piece of cake. The installer for the plug-in lists Domino 6.x in the menu and does everything. Authenticating against the Domino LDAP, LTPA single sign on worked on the first try. The instructions given in the IBM security Redbook for Websphere 5 are still valid and quite helpful, while the Domino integration part is missing from the Websphere 6 security handbook. Of course you need a big box for satisfying result. I hit only two bumps on the road, the first one due to my disbelieve it could be easy: We tried the snoop servlet myserver:9080/snoop and it worked. Then I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out under which URL the servlet would be available on the Domino port. There seemed to be no configuration so myserver/servlets/snoop didn't work. Finally I tried myserver/snoop and TADA... works as designed. So the DSAPI filter for Websphere uses the Websphere application configuration to redirect URLs from Domino, nicely done!
The second bump: When you link the Websphere to Domino's LDAP you specify the name base (like o=myorg -> /O=MyOrg ) which is added to all lookups. While this works fine for the users it seems not to work for groups (which by default are flat). I also wonder how it would work if you have more than one org in your Domain. Seems I need to brush up my LDAP skills a bit.
Now I'm itching to try that on Linux with a Domino 7.0 server.

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  1. posted by Sebastian on Saturday 29 September 2007 AD:
    Hi. I am trying to do the same as you on this post but the plugins installation did not configured the Domino set up completely, so I need to do some things manually.
    I can´t seem to be able lo load the DSAPI filter. It would be of great help if I could just ask you a couple of quick and simple questions.
    If you can, please let me know so I could leave you my email or maybe you could take from this comment since I put it there.


    PD. I realize the post is quite old. Maybe you have good memory?