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Intelligent Design --- not for the Vatican

For Roman Catholics (still the biggest Christian group) intelligent design is a no topic. The Vatican issued a statement that sees Darwin's evolution in line with the Genesis. I'm curious how more fundamental Christian groups will take that. Anyway some of them still have to learn the difference between science and believe (via Slashdot / The Australian ).  

Posted by on 07 November 2005 | Comments (2) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Cyrus Crypt on Saturday 12 November 2005 AD:
    You read this article as well...

    I don't see how Creationism in Genesis can be aligned with Darwin's 'Natural Selection' thery. But I am glad that there are people believeing in Intelligence Design. Becoz that means there is a greater being at work. And that means there is life after death.

  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Saturday 12 November 2005 AD:
    I think you are missing the point. Darwin postulated a scientific theory how life evolved. ID is a believe statement why it is that way. ID is NOT a scientific theory because it lacks all the properties that make it scientific. If you believe in ID, you will always find a way to explain a phenomenon to be in line with your believes. This is OK and up to you. Also when you look at the miracle of nature, it is conclusive (as a believe) that there is a bigger plan behind it. All religions in all times were talking about that bigger plan.
    Nevertheless: it is not scientific and has NO room in a science class. Its place is in religion/philosophy were it is a good idea to teach it along with the other religious views.
    It is as simple as that: we have a definition what is scientific and ID doesn't pass that test. (For beginners: a scientific theory is put up and then the scientists try to prove, that their predictions how it works can be observed in reality and at the same time try to prove it wrong by finding examples that defy the theory).
    This is where science is different from religion or philosophy.
    If you need some enlightenment, try to read up Church history and the struggle (mostly in the middle ages) to prove the existence of god on basis of science -- didn't quite work out.
    On the other hand, listen inside and you will know. And what a funny thought that god in her omnipotence would be accessible by science within our limited access to reality.
    -- stw
    P.S.: Regarding life after death --- let's have a chat about it next life!