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When you buy software before breakfast, Zonelabs is a good shop

We have a new member in our IT Zoo. A nice Sony VGN-A17GP laptop. After reinstalling the OS from the rescue disk and one gazillion patches there was the question of Antivirus/Firewall. Since the desktop runs happily with Zonealam pro with Antivirus I wanted to order a licence for the Laptop too. To confuse me product is now called ZoneAlarm Suite and ZoneAlarm Pro doesn't come with Anti-Virus. Before breakfast I only skimp pages and I promptly spend 50 bucks on the wrong product.
So I headed to the customer feedback page, actually not expecting much, but to my surprise after they had their breakfast I got a mail stating, that they refunded my purchase and I'm free to order what I originally intended to do.
Well done Zonelabs!

Posted by on 21 March 2006 | Comments (0) | categories: Software


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