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Looking for an outstanding Intranet?

Since 2001 the Nielsen Norman Group conducts their Intranet Design Annual. They pick the 10 best Intranets of the year and produce a report why they like them and what were the issues in the runner ups. Since I met Jakob Nielsen 2001 in Hong Kong I'm a big fan of his work, so I follow this reports with great interest. Jacob's publications are quite enlightening and sometimes controversial. While I'm a fan that doesn't means that I agree with with all his answers, however I agree with the questions he asks.
If you are in for some amusing reading follow the thread Jakob vs. Web design. (memento: functional doesn't need to be pretty vice versa).
This year's Design Annual found IBM's w3 Intranet among the winners. Nice to know working for a company with an award winning Intranet.... and Jakob and team haven't seen w4 yet. Our Intranet has Websphere, Websphere Portal and Domino all over it, with occasional sprinkles of PHP, CGI and others. RSS, Atom, Webservices, Tags and microformats are the glue keeping it together (SOA anyone <g>:).
The big question now: how long will it take IBM to turn this Intranet into a product?

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