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The last thing you need on a Sunday evening is...

... switching on your Thinkpad, getting a double beep and the message "fan error" and it switches off again. (Which I don't understand, I'm still a fan of Thinkpads, there is no error <g>). No chance to intercept and copy data. Also swapping the harddisk into an external USB case (a standard accessory in the "bastelbox" doesn't help. Our security standards require password protection for the drives, so unless it is another thinkpad and you park it into the Ultrabay (to get the password prompt) there is no way to read that data.
So I will test our repair service 2morrow morning. See how fast the are.

Update: One lesson learned: you hit enter (or F1 or ThinkVantage) on a Fan error: the system shuts down; you hit ESC the system boots without a fan -- substantially slowing down when the heat sensor throttles the CPU. The new fan kit should arrive soon. Until then: slow motion ahead.

Posted by on 14 October 2006 | Comments (3) | categories: IBM - Lotus


  1. posted by Simon on Tuesday 24 October 2006 AD:
    My IBM t23 had the identical problem. However, when the computer has started up the fan again begins to work - ie it is only on STARTUP that the fan fails. Does anynoe know how to fix this - is it the CMOS battery, the BIOS, or the fan failing?
  2. posted by Alex on Tuesday 15 May 2007 AD:
    Thank you... you have provided me with a work around until I can call my helpdesk tomorrow. Emoticon smile.gif

    Alex Emoticon cool.gif
  3. posted by VP on Wednesday 23 May 2007 AD:
    I have been having this problem since about a month. My temporary approach to make the computer running is to blow hard thru the exhaust(filter) near the fan . We tried opening the case and then cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, but the problem still persists. Can anyone help me out?