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Domino Chat on OpenNTF

Last century an IBM Business Partner developed a chat application that was running on Domino and was a normal NSF. When Sametime became popular this application disappeared. I always liked it for its simplicity and ease of deployment. It didn't come with a client, presence awareness, extensibility or interoperability. It just provided chat for people on the same page. One use case implemented well.
It is my great pleasure to announce, that the said business partner made that application DomChat available on OpenNTF. Go check it out!

Posted by on 06 February 2007 | Comments (4) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Vince Schuurman on Wednesday 07 February 2007 AD:
    I used that years ago, loved it. Had even a demo running.
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  2. posted by Andrei Kouvchinnikov on Friday 09 February 2007 AD:
    I haven't used DomChat yet, but will try. There is a similar Domino-based chat application described here: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus/library/ajax-im/ and used online here: http://www.dominoexperts.com/
    On my blog I use my STWidget web chat application (developed by my company) which communicates with a Sametime server and works in a similar way as SametimeLinks but without Java applets. Here is a link to STWidget connecting to Sametime bot which shows latest Lotusphere2007 blog posts: http://www.botstation.com/sametime/stwidget_lotusphere.html
  3. posted by null on Friday 14 March 2008 AD:
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  4. posted by rob_poslusni on Thursday 03 June 2010 AD: