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By Date: February 2007

Summer Fashion

I personally like the Lotus best.

Summer Fashion


Update (for Singapore only): If you want one of these, you can head over to the "Graffiti Imprint" t-shirt shop @ Novena Square #03-65/66 in Singapore (phone +65 6339 6263). Ask for the IBM t-shirts and they will show you the images and create one for you "on demand". Mugs and other stuff --- also can.

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Moving house

Most bags/boxes are packed, we are ready to go.

Reconnect broadband might take a week.

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Domino Chat on OpenNTF

Last century an IBM Business Partner developed a chat application that was running on Domino and was a normal NSF. When Sametime became popular this application disappeared. I always liked it for its simplicity and ease of deployment. It didn't come with a client, presence awareness, extensibility or interoperability. It just provided chat for people on the same page. One use case implemented well.
It is my great pleasure to announce, that the said business partner made that application DomChat available on OpenNTF. Go check it out!

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Domino Designer in Eclipse

At Lotusphere you could see something that would make your Domino Developer heart beat faster. Maureen actually demonstrated the integration of Domino Designer and Eclipse. She doesn't seem to be threatened, that Wild Bill promised to kiss her feet on release <g>. However what was absent from the 'phere was a timeline or official commitment when this will happen. I guess all Domino developers would appreciate the power of Domino Designer for Eclipse. So I created a little petition. Head over to Domino Designer for Eclipse, sign the petition and spread the word!

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