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Picking a Name for Your Domino Form

Domino Designer allows you to pick whatever form name you deem fit. It can contain letters, numbers, spaces, special characters. However when you develop for the web you might want to be a little more picky with what you use. Domino renders the form name into the HTML form name when showing the form in the browser. It also generates some JavaScript referencing this form. The form "Memo" is translated into "_Memo", "Response" is translated into "_Response". However "9. Market Survey" or "action.7" or "Bla Blub" all get translated into "_DominoForm". So if you have any logic that relies on the form name, you want to make sure the form name you pick can serve as a JavaScript variable name too.
If you retrofit an existing application, you might want to use form alias to achieve that. And for replacing that form name everywhere else there is Teamstudio Configurator.

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  1. posted by Budi Febrianto on Friday 23 March 2007 AD:
    Hi Stephan,
    I attend the lotusphere comes to you at Jakarta and your presentation is excelent. I visited your blog thanks to Simon Lee. Emoticon biggrin.gif
    Never had a chance to meet you in person and say hello.
    For me. I use frmABC for Form, viewABC for View. So in quick glance I will notices if that a form or view. A habbit perhaps, just like I use strABC for String variable and intABC for Integer.