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Escaped from the lab

A few hours to Lotusphere's 2007 closure. A plane is waiting, so I'll miss the general closing session. There is an incredible amount of information to digest and it might take a few days until I get on top of it. One big difference to last year: nobody was talking about threats from Microsoft anymore. The new and improved products were all the buzz. I found the possibilities of Expeditor and composite applications intriguing. A lot of brains already crack their heads what they will build with that. In this context
The old joke goes: IBM doesn't release prisoners software, software escapes from IBM's lab. And I've got a quick glimpse of one of these fugitives:
Escaped from the lab
A composite, that automatically can launch your email (or other) attachments in a preview window with slide-show capabilities. Since it has escaped, we don't know if it ever will make it back into the product <g>.

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