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BP308 - Leverage DXL and OOP to Build Powerful Tools

Mikkel Heisterberg presented on my favourite Domino topic: DXL. As take away he promised insights into namespaces, Do's and Dont's and working code. Mikkel quickly explained the perils of using namespaces and how to use it properly. On he went to explain some uses for DXL. The first is a backend import of pictures in Notes using DXL. The next how to deal with image resources. He gave good pointers, that you need to pay close attention to DXL's details, e.g. Items are broken into 32k junks, so an image will very likely be stored in more than one item.
He then went on to run quickly through the advantages of OO programming. Of course <g> he took a stab on the limitations we face in OO LotusScript. Mikkel is confessing Java fan (doc.recycle() anyone). Using his excellent LSDoc he explained why and how he used OO in LotusScript. But he didn't stop there. Taking a page from Java's pattern principles Mikkel showed how to implement them in LotusScript using a base class and some implementation classes. More of explanation of his LSDoc library.

What I liked
Cool implementation of a callback function in LotusScript and a cool implementation of "Chain of Responsibility" in LSDoc's DecisionMaker.

What I didn't like
I would like to see more of the code, but sessions are time limited <g>.

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