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wissel.net Browser Statistics

To prove or disprove popularity statistics have been a preferred medium of choice for millennia. Depending on the samples you take you will get different results. Looking at world wide market figures, Firefox gets 17.4%, 36% or 12.72%. The picture on this little blog is quite different:

Browser Stat: IE 50.63, FF 44.36

Firefox share on page views rose in the second half of this year from 36.70% to 44.36%. This is a 20.9% increase in just 6 month. At the same time Internet Explorers share shrank from 57.97% to 50.63% which is a 12.7% reduction. Given that the geekiest readers never hit this site but use the RSS feed I find it quite remarkable. The second half of 2007 also saw the arrival of some mobile browsers hitting the site.

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