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My first blog entry on 01 Jan 2003 was titled Predictions for 2003. I started blogging out of curiosity. Finding my place in the "Speakers Corner of the World" was an interesting journey. Over the last 5 years I added 500 entries to this blog. You are reading entry #500. The frequency of entries varied based on workload, mood or the fact that I had something or nothing to say.
I owe my customers a lot of the ideas I blogged about in the "Show-and-Tell" and "Lotus Notes" categories. Without their real world problems I wouldn't had the need to think hard. I owe David Ferris the idea to blog about What are the strongest aspects of Lotus Domino?. That entry earned me a call from IBM in Singapore and let to my current job as "Lotus Technology & Productivity Advisor", LTPA for short.
Over time my topics shifted from more personal towards more professional stuff. Seems my family is taking over to report the private stuff. I already have more than a dozen draft entries and even more topics around Notes and Domino waiting to be written, so I guess I'll stay on the professional trajectory. I'm curious if it will take another 5 years to reach 1000. We will see.
Stay tuned.

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  1. posted by Chris Blatnick on Thursday 12 June 2008 AD:
    Congratulations, Stephan...a great milestone indeed! Emoticon smile.gif
  2. posted by Darryn on Thursday 12 June 2008 AD:
    Congratulation on the 500. Emoticon smile.gif Kudos to the sensei... Emoticon biggrin.gif
  3. posted by Kevin Pettitt on Thursday 12 June 2008 AD:
    That's awesome Stephan, congratulations!
  4. posted by Nigel Choh on Thursday 12 June 2008 AD:
    Congratulations Stephan! Didn't realise that you only started blogging in 2003.
  5. posted by Slawek Rogulski on Friday 13 June 2008 AD:
    Congratulations! That's only 500 entries more than I posted Emoticon smile.gif