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Checkout Bluehouse

Lotus Bluehouse is IBM's latest SaaS offering. It provides an open, secure, ad-free combination of popular functionalities of the Lotus portfolio:
  • Contacts: You can sync your contacts with your favorite PIM including Notes and SyncML based one. Of course updating addresses becomes easy once you are connected to a contact. With best regards from Lotus Connections Profiles.
  • Document sharing: Functionality like Quickr is available. Upload and share files including version control
  • Plan and execute shared tasks: Lotus Connections contributed Activities
  • Chat with other Bluehouse members: Just add the Sametime community im.lotus.com
  • Design and fill-in forms (surveys anyone). With compliments from Lotus Turbo forms
... more to discover and more to come. Bluehouse is a subscription offering, but you can be teased by an existing member to a limited membership. Ping me if you want to give it a spin.

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