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Example of a sidebar helper

Once you work for/with an international community or organization time zone pain becomes immediately a pressing problem. In Firefox I use the FoxClocks plug-in. In Notes 8.x I just got a new alternative for the sidebar:
When is it now
It is an IBM internal plug-in named "When-is-it-now" that not only shows you the current time at your selected locations, but also indicates with a traffic light how likely it is to reach someone based on business hours. Nice touch. The brain decodes a color signal so much faster than the time mixed with the question "is this a business hour".

Posted by on 05 May 2009 | Comments (6) | categories: IBM Notes Lotus Notes


  1. posted by Ulrich Krause on Tuesday 05 May 2009 AD:
    Will "When-is-it-now" turn into an EXTERNAL plug-in ... soon ??
  2. posted by Erik Brooks on Tuesday 05 May 2009 AD:
    Awesome. Anybody got that link to the just-released IBM internal sidebar apps page? Hopefully this is in there.
  3. posted by Benoit Dubuc on Wednesday 06 May 2009 AD:
    That would be very useful: I have clients in Oman, Croatia and Washington. All are in a different time zone than mine!

    When can we get it?

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  4. posted by David Illsley on Thursday 07 May 2009 AD:
    Yes, I've recently made it available in the internal catalog... details at { Link }
  5. posted by Erik Brooks on Monday 11 May 2009 AD:
    @4 - Thanks, but the link doesn't appear to work.
  6. posted by Cecelia on Friday 22 May 2009 AD:
    Or try this plugin we implemented:
    { Link }

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