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New addition to my "RoadWarrior Toolbox" - GR1102

I'm using a 3G modem for a while now. Works well as long as I'm in Singapore, once leaving it becomes an extortionist tool (30$ per MB is 10x more expensive than SMS and that's a rip off already). So typically I borrow the local modem from my colleagues in the country I visit, leaving me with guilt of depriving them from salvation in boring meetings. Not any more. I just added a Sapido GR1102 mobile hotspot to my toolbox. It's a bit bulky compared to dedicated devices like the Huawei E5 and even doesn't have 3G connectivity. However it has 2 USB ports where you can plug-in your off-the-mill 3G modem and either storage or a web cam. For a frequent country hopper like me that's the ideal solution. No fiddeling with data sim cards and provider settings, just grab a colleague's stick and share the SSID of the device with her. When in range of a network it also works as a router or access point. In the router function it can connect to a WIFI network and serve as hotspot. A nice feature when connecting a zoo of devices to the hotel network. The device is powered either by AC, a DC adapter or a standard USB cable. I haven't tested the WebCam yet.
Sapido GR1102
The Huawei E5 in comparison:
Huawei E5

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  1. posted by Fred on Monday 28 January 2013 AD:
    Hello, you doesn't loose something in not trying the webcam option, the definition is very very poor, like a stamp post !!!! Emoticon cry.gif