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The power adaptors in my "RoadWarrior Toolbox"

I kissed a lot of frogs before I found the optimal travel power adaptor. Finally the Mitch & Mark travel adaptor available from the Krisshop made it. These are my criteria:
  • Must support all countries (a no brainer)
  • Must have an indicator light (places I go often have dead sockets)
  • Must have a USB outlet for charging devices or powering one or the other gadget.
  • Must not have any fragile pieces sticking out, so it can survive my chronical equipment mistreatment
The Mitch & Mark fulfils all these criteria, all plugs retract for transport mode (I also carry a slim minimalistic adaptor since often I need more than one or the sockets are very cramped.).
Power adaptor
Since all of these stuff is made in China, you can track down the original manufacturer.

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