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Netgear support hell reloaded - Part 3 - Salvation

Netgear's local support was incredible helpful (Thx Andrew Tan). It turned out the motherboard is fried and one of the disk behaves "interesting". The WD green drives look good on paper, but not so much online. Anyway Andrew was so kind to loan me a spare Netgear unit, so I could resync the faulty driveand backup all my data (like: who watches the watchmen - who backups the backup ). So I went shopping talking to a few vendors. The guys from Storage Studio seem to know best what they were talking about and carry both Synology and QNap. At the end I decided for a Synology DiskStation DS1010+ since both the QNap and the Synology offerings look similar suited for my purposes and the Synology was both cheaper (about 20%) and offered 3 over 1 year warranty (the loss of confidence in Netgear can't make up for their 5 year warranty). Copying the data from one NAS to the other proved to be an interesting challenge. In short: all that GUI tools are useless. At the end I connected one of the macs to both boxes via GBit LAN, mapped all shares and copied the data using CP (Rsync would have worked too). One of the nasty surprises I had to work on: I use the NAS to backup my Linux machines. Quite some of them have WINE installed. Wine somehow creates a bunch of links that make the Linux file system appear in the C:\ drive. Somehow despite using -P cp tried to copy all of the data again. Had to do some adjustments to get that going. Took a full day to move the data over. The new drives are configured as RAID6 so I can survive a double disk failure.
Synergy DS1010+

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  1. posted by Palmi on Tuesday 16 February 2010 AD:
    Glad you got synology - keep us posted on any issues you find. Emoticon biggrin.gif