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Android taking over?

Three years ago Volker published a market share analysis of the smart phone market originally found at Gigaom. The world looked good for Symbian:

Fast forward to now. The US market looks very different now:

as reported by Android Central
. The international figures cite 46% Apple, 25% Android and 21% Symbian (I wonder how the figures would look like for the world excluding the US). For example in India the distribution is 93% Symbian and 4% Apple. You can download the whole report (the usual caveats for statistics apply). Windows mobile seems all but to disappear. I wonder what will happen to all the mobile processing devices (like Symbol) that formed the backbone of corporate mobility strategies. Also you need to be clear: a RIM user is much less likely to use her device to surf (due to the comparable pathetic browser) to ad-infested web sites, so both RIM and Nokia might be under represented. At least Nokia tries to

fight back
. We live in interesting times.

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