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Linux Foundation is getting traction in China

Linux is getting traction in China despite the fact that you can buy a (pirated) Windows CD for a dollar a pop. There is Red Flag, a Chinese incarnation of Fedora and a trend for more large Chinese companies to join the Linux Foundation. In November China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), the world largest mobile operator joined the foundation as Gold Member followed by Huawei, the makers of network gear and mobile devices (We all love the E5) joining in December. This highlights 2 interesting trends: Huawei and CMCC are both Telecom players. Huawei builds networks, CMCC runs networks. Secondly China is striving to transform from the world's workbench to the world's R&D centre. Judging from my interaction with my Chinese colleagues I would say: they are on the right trajectory. So is it now time to brush up your Chinese and join the Linux Foundation yourself and time for IBM to revisit Domino Designer on Linux?

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