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Polar FT80 Customer Service

I'm using a Polar FT80 watch when working out to monitor my heart rate and training progress. I like it a lot since it allows me to upload training results to Polar Personal Trainer to keep track. When Polar released the Mac version of the upload software I finally could upgrade the S10 Netbook to Ubuntu.

Unfortunately my firmware was to old, so I gave the unit to Polar's service center in Singapore via the shop where I bought it "House of Times" in Orchard road. Something went wrong with the upgrade so I wrote an angry eMail to Polar support. Less than an hour later I got a reply with a mobile number and the name of the service person who would look into my problem. So I brought the unit back. After a short check he told me, that he has to send the unit back and that it will take some days. The "some days" to my pleasant surprise turned out to be 4 only (with new year in between!) and I could collect the unit today. He wasn't around when a staff handed me the phone back. Half an hour later he called, apologized that he wasn't around and asked if I'm satisfied with the result of the repair - which was free of charge. What a pleasant customer service experience.

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