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Timex Ironman Sleek 150

My favorite workout actually is swimming. Since the Polar FT80 doesn't count laps and its button shouldn't be pressed in water I was looking for an alternative. Turns out the Timex Ironman Sleek 150 fits the bill. With its large display it is easy to read under water

and its TAP technology allows for a buttonless operation. The reviews were rather mixed to negative but I tried it anyway based on a recommendation from the sales guy at House of Times who I regard as competent (and savy: he can repair watches - I watched him doing that). It turns out the "tap" rather needs to be a distinct "peg" under water (pegging onto glass surfaces is all the rage these days isn't it). Force and speed to get a lap counted are stable, so once I got used to it operation is as designed and as expected. The large numbers make a huge positive difference. I love it. Now I only need to get back to my 19" for 1000m breast as I swam them at university days.

Posted by on 03 January 2011 | Comments (1) | categories: After hours Singapore


  1. posted by Tony Palmer on Thursday 06 January 2011 AD:
    I've found from experience that Rip Curl watches seem to last longest I've tried other brands. I wear the watch in the sea, pools and the shower. They are the only (or maybe one of the only) waterproof surf watches to have a 5 year warranty. Not sure if it would have the functionality of the timex for laps, but if you need a waterproof watch they are a solid performer.