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Facebook for pre-Teenagers?

Interesting Homework assignment for a P5 student (that is age 10-12 max) in my son's class:
Facebook homework
  1. Could Facebook help you in your studies? How?
  2. Could Facebook provide a platform for you to manage your time? How?
  3. Could Facebook be dangerous? Why or why not?
So far my reply is still in "awaiting moderation" while others have appeared. So I repeat it here:
The Facebook Terms of service under section 4.5 clearly state:
" You will not use Facebook if you are under 13."
Since P5 students are ALL below 13 I find it very inappropriate to make Facebook the subject of homework other than explaining the reasons why there is an age limit and what are the ramifications of violating the "terms of service" (e.g. in opposite to violating a law). I know that the age stated on a P5 student's birth certificate often vastly differs from his "facebook age", but what students do in their pastime is one thing, what is subject of their studies another.
I'm curious if my original comment will appear there.
Update: The comment is now visible, kudos to the teacher for accepting publicly visible critique.

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  1. posted by axel on Monday 28 March 2011 AD:
    In Chile, its very common that kids at the age of 8 or even lower to have a facebook account. I did not know that there is this over 13 age limit from facebook.
    Now I will talk with the parents.