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IE6 must die!

This is not a battle cry of a Microsoft hater. It is an official Microsoft campaign. While Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 is a neat piece of software, it doesn't run on Windows XP, Mac or Linux. So my version of the upgrade banner links to something more widely available. Of course that choice isn't without alternatives (from Europe too). May IE6 rest in peace.

Posted by on 28 March 2011 | Comments (1) | categories: Software


  1. posted by Rishab Sharma on Thursday 31 March 2011 AD:
    Stephan I personally prefer Opera its just sad that is that not widely used. As you said IE9 does not run on my machine so I do not care even it happens to 1. Fire me into space for eternity 2. Beam me up Scotty feature 3. Time Travel Dickens style 4. Personally meet Gates on installing Emoticon biggrin.gif