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AIA American International Assurance - You need to learn about proper customer service!

When my kids were born I bought an insurance from AIA as part of planning to pay for their education fees later on. As matters go I had to update some particulars. It turned out that isn't possible online, so after a few calls (luckily done by SWMBO) we got all the paper stuff we needed. We filled it in to the best of our knowledge and submitted it for processing beginning of May. Today I received this computerized response dated June 06 (I seriously doubt that Singpost is so lousy, that they take 16 days to deliver such a letter --- it looks like it is 2 weeks backdated):
Dear Policyowner,


Thank you for insuring with AIA.

This refers to the request for [what I wanted] received on May 09, 2011.

We regret to inform you that we are not able to process the request submitted due to incomplete

For your information, the current position of the policy is as follows:

[Policy details over 4 lines]

Please feel free to contact our Customer Care Executive at Tel No. 1800 248 8000 should you
require any assistance.

We are glad to be of service to you.

Policy Changes Section
The absence of a signature in this computer-generated letter is in order.

(A5)     (M9/NMY)
([name removed to protect the innocent]) (SP-NGEESIM)      CLOSE

Seriously this is the 21st century. There are a number of things very wrong with this:
  1. Singpost's service commitment is delivery +1. So the bulk of their mail gets delivered the next or latest 2 days later. If AIA dates a letter June 06, that means it took them from ticking the box on form letter 473 to getting it out 2 weeks. Embarrassing slow. I also recall having submitted the paper work much earlier than May 07. Points to high operational efficiencies
  2. OK, we must have missed something. But it is an insult to a customer to tell "due to incomplete requirement" without telling WHAT went wrong. Hey it is my money you are looking after.
  3. No case ID: If I contact them I have to explain from the beginning instead of referring to information they already have
  4. Only phone as contact option (and a paper letter of course). No SMS, no web site, no fax
  5. Cynical greeting. "No we don't do what you ask" but "We are glad to be of service to you"
  6. As you might recall: there's Ernest too. So either his form went through or I will get another rejection: failure to bundle correspondence based on recipient
AIA continuing stealing my time. I have doubt if I bought from the right company

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