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Customise your forwarding message layout

One of the big temptations in Notes is to customise the mail template. Done right it can boost your productivity. One very interesting customisation I came across was to display the Job function together with the sender's and recipients' names. That's a neat idea so I know what to expect. The information was lost when a message was forwarded and the default from/to display appeared. A quick check with a custom form showed that it worked as designed. Debbie enlightened me, that forwarding of Memo, Reply and ReplyToReply based documents triggers the use of a form called SimplifiedReply. Once you add your customisation there everything works as expected. Another little customisation nugget: the pink separator line is created using a subform named $FORWARDSEP. So if you like a different color or a different set of information better, that's the point to look for. Of course you promise to be careful when altering IBM provided templates.
Happy customising!

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