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I want one - 2011 edition - Part III

How many blur pictures have you shot? For me - countless. The Lytro claims to change that. Now let Colani or Hundertwasser have a stab at the casing.

Posted by on 14 December 2011 | Comments (2) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by Ray on Thursday 15 December 2011 AD:
    Is that a Lytro in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Oh my!

    Utilitarian is an understatement.

    At least you know you should always snatch and grab the red one as it is more expensive. Emoticon laugh.gif

    That said: I WANT ONE!
  2. posted by Stephan H. Wissel on Thursday 15 December 2011 AD:
    Wait for a Groupon deal?
    Emoticon biggrin.gif