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Lotussphere Session evaluations

With AD106, AD111 and AD114 my colleagues and I delivered 3 development sessions. I always find it difficult to strike the right balance, so different levels of audience can benefit from them. Hunter, Viktor and I spend a lot of time discussing, creating, revising and starting over when we prepared for the sessions. It seems we were well accepted. Here are the ratings and comments:
  • AD106 - IBM Lotus Domino XPages anywhere - Write them once, See them Everywhere: 97.5% good & excellent ratings for quality and content and 90.0% good & excellent ratings for quality and effectiveness of speakers
    • Excellent
    • Good info ...not *quite* as relevent for us as some of the other sessions, but when either of these gents is presenting, I try to be there ...always take away useful knowledge
    • Lot of material and very useful stuff
    • Already moving down this path
    • With XPages, we can now integrate applications with Connections, Portal and for mobile devices
    • Knew what they were talking about and kept it moving for late in the day
    • Well qualified and entertaining. Definitely kept my attention even after a long day of sessions
    • fantastic session and presenters
    • Good session, lots of information
    • Lots of good and useful content
    • Packed house with people standing. Needed a larger room
    • Viktor and Stephen always enjoyable, informative and relevant. Looking forward to Stephen's promised blog postings!
    • well done
  • AD111 - The X Path: Practical guide to taking your IBM Lotus Notes applications to Domino XPages: 93.6% good & excellent ratings for quality and content and 90.41% good & excellent ratings for quality and effectiveness of speakers
    • Awesome session
    • Gearing up to convert some apps to XPages, so timing and material was perfect
    • Great session. Practical stuff
    • Interesting presentation
    • Knew the material
    • Slides about learning curves are not relevant. Expected more focus on xpath. Or is this just a misunderstand? X Path versus XPath?
    • Too much info, liked the specific items like use ls for this and no this and info like that
    • Very good information. Great examples and good tips
    • tremendous help!
    • we will be going Xpages...
    • Yes, made me want to move forward with more xpage development
    • Cool team
    • Fun group, made me feel less intimidated by xpage development. Made me feel more comfortable with the time difference and learning curve with xpage development. Made me want to go back to work and play with xpages
    • i think stefan wissel is a really irritating, narcistic speaker. disturbing ! (see I keep the negative comments too! - whoever wrote this: I dare you to do better)
    • Main speaker communicated good info, but seemed a bit uncomfortable. Secondary speaker was very engaging
    • Stephen is always wonderful -- lots of great info, energy, and humor. Hunter was likewise good, and played a great straight man :)
    • Even the overflow room was standing room only. Pretty frustrating...
    • Great session
    • It was clear beforehand that this would be a crowded session. Why didn't you plan for a bigger room? Re the overflow session I had to attend: We have all the cool technology - why do you just relay poor audio and the slides but no video? Fail
    • Looking forward to Stephen's promised blog postings and watching Hunter
    • Needed bigger room!
    • Room too crowded again. Second time in one day they had to use an overflow area
    • This was a very practical session with great content. Could have had this for a longer time
    • Tx guys
    • Very good information
    • Very good information in this session, would like to have seen some code take-aways, but overall very good
  • AD114 - Don't be afraid of curly brackets reloaded - even more JavaScript for LotusScript Developers: 93.55% good & excellent ratings for quality and content and 96.77% good & excellent ratings for quality and effectiveness of speakers
    • A little misled by the title i thought it would be a deeper dive. Having said that, it was a good refreshment
    • Excellent material!!!
    • It was a little to basic
    • well presented -- good material
    • Time to learn JavaScript!
    • Enjoyed the refreshing, light-hearted style of the presenter. Made topics very clear
    • Excellent!!!
    • funny and full of information Great presenter, funny, and very knowledgeable
    • I found the content to be a bit too basic and would have appreciated more depth and comparisons between doing things in Lotuscript and Javascript
    • Simply cool and funny
    • Stephan's sense of humor transcends all language barriers, a very engaging speaker!
    • Steve did a great job and kept a very dry topic fun and light
    • Excellent topic and speaker. The session ran late, and it was too good to leave. I could have spent the whole day in this session!!
    • Great speaker!
    • Lots of good and useful hints and tips, all nicely presented
    • Lotusphere needs WAY more of these sessions!!!!
    • Solid, practical info. Well-presented
    • Speaker suggested that this was for folk who had not written much javascript.... well I have written buckets of it, and I learned a bunch more...
    • Stephan is an effective speaker and I appreciated his live demos of what he was trying to show in his slides. I only wish those examples he demoed we're in the slides explicitly
    • Thank you
    • Thank you! You explained a few things that had been puzzling me for months!
    • Thanks for a great session
    • Worthwhile, a *lot* of information to convey in such a short time, I thought the Speaker did a great job
Thank you for the feedback! And watch out for code take-away over here.

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