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Who designed that process (a visit to the SingTel shop)?

First the good news: The sales rep at the SingTel shop, Brandon, was knowledgeable, patient and tried to help as much as he could, making that part of the process pleasant.
Now the breakdown of processes. I visited the SingTel shop with 2 objectives: subscribe to Fibre Broadband, after all on the 19th OpenNet will install the fibre end point, and to switch my mobile number back from Starhub to SingTel. I failed on both accounts.
Brandon explained: The installation of the end point doesn't coincide with the activation of the line (I wonder how they can test it then) and I have to wait for another notification letter from OpenNet that will state the availability of the line, so I thereafter can pick an ISP of my choosing. I asked: but I have chosen, can't I do the paperwork and OpenNet and SingTel sort it out, once they are ready? Nope the process doesn't allow this level of customer service and prohibits me from taking up any of the IT Show promotions. Furthermore SingTel wants to charge me SGD 107.00 since I'm an existing SingTel ADSL customer with a contract younger than a year, a charge the ADSL sales man conveniently missed to mention, even when I clearly explained that the ADSL is only meant as the interim solution between Starhub cable (that was pathetic slow in the evening) and Fibre Broadband. Aaaaaargl.
My second item on the list was switching the mobile phone line back to Singtel. I had switched from SingTel to Starhub 2 years ago, but my changed usage pattern requires better and faster 3G coverage than Starhub does offer. Besides their customer service .... Since the number originally belonged to SingTel, Brandon explained it could not be transferred back (what a logic). The way to go would be to terminate my contract with Starhub, which would return the number to the SingTel pool (after a while) and then to apply for a new contract and ask to reuse that number from the SingTel pool. Besides leaving me with all the work it would have the nasty side effect that I not only would be without a phone for a few days, but every caller would hear: "The number you have dialled is not in service". The irony: If I would have a Starhub or M1 number SingTel could transfer it without disruption. So I suggested: come up with a fancy form that I sign and then your ops sends it to Starhub ops and you do the cancel/reconnect in one go. After all you want my business. Unfortunately the process is not designed that way - Memento bene: there is no change to any technical system necessary, just a better coordination between the Telcos (guess the regulator needs to have a word with them). Brandon promised to sort this out for me. Stay tuned.

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